My Life

After having my daughter at 19 I got married at 24. I already had my AAS degree & figured why not get married.

Why? my morals, values and oh society says we should. Right?

Who wants to be a 'baby mama'? not me. (disclaimer: it's okay if you are, no judgement here but this is my story)

I knew what I wanted and I got it or did I? the baby, the man & oh the 'ring'.  We tried, I tried..he was great but not ready for marriage.  Six years later I was out, divorced finalized by 10th year. By then I was a 34 year old single mom, leaving in Brooklyn NY. Also obtained my BASW (Bachelor of Arts in Social Work) somewhere in those years.

2004- I relocated to PA, single mom with one friend in the State. I needed a new start. "Changes are scary but oh so necessary" 

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*I tell you, I live for my quotes! They give me life when I need it!

Fast forward to 2006, I met him at church. We became friends & soon enough got married a year later. Our baby graced us with her presence a year later 'Armeria Rayna' became our angel soon later. Our Love became stronger, which was one of our biggest blessings after that loss. (Easy to say now, not then).

Married to my best friend and mom to an adult daughter & school age son. Never thought I would have another child, he was born in 2009. We're blessed!

"Every person has to Love at least one bad partner in their lives to be truly thankful for the right one".

For years, I've worked in the social work field with a variety of diverse population. I mostly work with individuals dealing with problems and looking for assistance.  Some traumatic, others not so much. In other words I listen to mostly non-positive things throughout my work day. 

As a child I always loved reading, as an adult i don't always get the time to read for pleasure. This Is why books on CD and audibles are the perfect solution. Whether it's the bible or some other positive enlightenment, I tend to find peace when reading/listening to a book and so can you.

This is how 'Rana Reflections' was born, I share positive information to promote self growth. This is encouraged by concentrating on the four main characteristics- social, mental, physical and spiritual. Emphasis on mindfulness, lifestyle and most of all self-care. Working with people over the years, I hear alot of sad stories and see a lot of unhappy people on a daily basis. I dare you to be happy in the present, be happy for who you are. Live in the moment and be grateful!