Aug. 11, 2022

How this picture confirmed my pupose

I’ll tell you why this picture means that and so much more. Before I get any further, let's rewind a bit...I wanted to start my blog but didn't know where to start, until this picture was captured.

This picture to me is the moment I confirmed my passion (defined as-strong liking or desire) & purpose (defined as-the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists). My passion is helping and inspiring others. In doing so, I truly feel rewarded and love that helping others can also make their life easier and that makes me happy. Now, keep in mind my career involves helping others but I get paid to do that. My life purpose looks differently, it’s what I do because I want to. Because I can, I’m capable and qualified too. I’m currently in the process of moving my brand forward and this is where this picture comes in.

This picture was taken in the yard of my childhood home. In the picture, with this breathtaking view is my husband & son. Unbeknownst to me it was taken by my mom who later shared it with me.

My dad transitioned in September of 2021, he resided in this house till his passing. In this moment, the moment in this picture was my first time back since his transition. It was also the first time my son got to see where I grew up.

My dad & I were not very close but maintained a distant relationship. I always felt that I needed his approval and validation as a child but never received it. 

The sadness & weight I carried up that hill quickly got released once we started to head back down. I felt peace! I felt my Dad’s presence, fully validating his approval for me in my purpose. At that very moment while I enjoyed this view one more time, this picture was captured.

While my dad will never know this. Living in my purpose, without Judgment or the need for validation at this point in my life it’s huge. I did the work. I stepped out of my comfort zone and I'm doing things my way. After all these years, I'm sliding right into my next chapter and seamlessly. I never felt that I need permission anyway but life circumstances sometimes make you believe the lies. Now that's progress! It's a plus knowing that he's looking down & approves.

Know that, you also do not need approval & permission to pursue your purpose. It can absolutely help and is encouraging having the support of family & maybe friends. Understand you may never get that support and you need to be okay with that. Don't wait, life is short. Give yourself permission to live for your purpose today. Forgive who you need to and live your life. Memories recaptured! June 2022.